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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Greenland @ Sutera Mall, Johor

Home sweet home... Now I am already in my hometown, Johor. This time I have my lunch at Sutera Mall which is located at Skudai. There is a restaurant, Greenland which is recommended by my relatives.

The restaurant is quite big, and the environment makes it looks like a chinese restaurant. But the restaurant serves both western and eastern food. Because of its reasonable price, many people have their lunch at here.

There are some pictures taken from the menu. Unfortunately, I didn't remember the names of some food.

Fried prawn with Japanese pumpkin sauce.

Fish curry

Baked rice with cheese and vegetable

The food we ordered are quite "traditional".

Special beancurd with two flavour. The beancurd with mayonnaise seems not fresh...

Fried baby kailan with shreded tuna. Ops! The colour of the picture makes the vegetables look overcooked.

Original home made yam basket.

Steam fish head with black bean sauce.

The food
of the restaurant are actually quite ordinary, but I belief that these food suit most people's appetite.
But maybe there was too many people, it needs quite a long time for us to call the waitresses.
Anyway, the the restaurant is still acceptable since we can have our meal in an comfortable environment with reasonable price on food.
The restaurant is ranked as 3.5 stars.

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