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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kimchi & BBQ -- An Authentic Korean Restaurant

After reading the recommendation on the forum, I decided to have my lunch at Kimchi & BBQ. But the location of the restaurant cannot be recognized easily, it is located in uptown area behind Plaza Pelangi. I think only local people will notice its existence.
The reason attract I come to this restaurant because the restaurant is opened by a couple of Korean, which means that the food here should be "authentic" and more "original".

There are two different stoves on each table, different meat uses different stove.

The exhaust fan

The Korean-style spoon and chopsticks.

I ordered a set meal which is suitable for 3 persons. At here, we just concentrated on eating because the waiter there helped us to grill the meat. It is quite convenient, but one thing not convenient is that the waiter will still beside us while we were having our meal.

Pork Spare ribs with bone

Thick sliced pork belly special

Roasted saury

Ginseng chicken soup

Kimchi Pancake

The food mentioned are include in the set meal, but a set meal seems a bit expensive, which is RM100++. Beside set meal, we ordered other food too.

Fried Korean rice cake with Kimchi. Quite expensive, RM25

Beside the main dishes, the set meal also includes lots of side dishes. Like Korean-style too, the dishes were served in small plates.

Nine side dishes. The lettuce is for grill.

Nice arrangement!

Take a closer look!

The waiters will teach every costumer the way to have grill in Korean-style when they help to grill.

Before and after the meat is being grilled.

This sour salad is served with grill and lettuce.

After have meal, customers will be served with a Muachi and unknown juice. According to the Korean (owner), the drink will help to improve our sight.

I really like the environment of the restaurant, like is tatami style seating. Especially the staffs of the restaurant, they are really hospitable. But, the grill seems a bit too less for me.
Even the price of the food here is quite expensive, but I still recommend this restaurant. I rank this restaurant as 4 stars and it is worth to give a try.

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