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Monday, May 18, 2009

PASTA de GOHAN @ Sunway Pyramid

Maybe, after this time, it will be very hard to see me write review of food in Selangor area. Because few days later I will go back to my hometown, Johore. Anyway, let see what I had for this time.

Actually I had been noticing this restaurant since I came to Pyramid for the first time. I was attracted by the decoration of the restaurant.

There are many "food" in the display window!

The restaurant mainly promotes its pasta or spaghetti, and the food are japenese-western fusion. The restaurant also has got Pizzas and other western food.

Although the restaurant isn't big, the seats are comfortable.

Take a closer look on their food...

Spaghetti, there is black spaghetti which is made of squid "ink".


Ice creams... look yummy!

Some of the food and drink we have order...

Pink guava juice. RM4.80

Penne with wafu mentai mayonnaise sauce, scallop, and spicy cod roe. RM18.80

Rice with wafu mentai mayonnaise sauce, potato, and spicy cod roe. RM18.80

For the cheese baked rice, I was shocked when it was put in front of me because it was quite small portion. But after having it, I realized that it is served in small portion because of the cheese which will make people easily feel fulled. Anyway, I am satisfied with the food there. The environment of the restaurant is also pleasant and comfortable. If I have got second chance to dine here, sure I will try their pasta, but it seems impossible for me to try all the flavors in one time!

Have to mention that Singapore has also got Pasta de Waraku which is under the same company too.

I rank this restaurant as 4.5 stars, and it is worth recommended.

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  1. my sister say this one not nice wor....u give 4.5!! wah??????