Monday, April 25, 2011

Honeymoon Dessert, 香港滿記甜品

At Hong Kong, the desserts are definitely be listed in my food-craving list. Honeymoon, one of the famous dessert shop at Hong Kong. I will share with you guys about the desserts from Hong Kong branch which is located at Langham Place, Mongkok; and the Singapore branch at Bugis Junction.

The Hong Kong outlet at Langham Place.

Too bad I didn't take any photo of Bugis outlet except the desserts there.

For durian-lovers, I strongly recommend this cold dessert, Durian Pancake, with the durian paste and cream in the "pillow". It is so nice until i was unable to take the picture on the paste before it slipped into my stomach. Haha..

Mango Pudding. Its specialty is that the "real" mango cubes can be found in the pudding instead of Nata de coco used by most of the other puddings.

There are too many desserts... I can't introduce them one-by-one. Better you guys find it out yourselves. lol..

Sesame paste & walnut paste.

Grass jelly in redbean soup with ice cream.

Mango in vanilla sauce with Thai black glutinous rice.

Mango pomelo sago.

Mixed fruits sago.

Finally... WOW, totally dark, can't even recognise it. Haha.. It is actually Sesame soup with redbean soup, with addition of dumpling. Don't judge it by its look, it is nice actually..

Since my visiting on various dessert shops, Honey Moon has got the most choices, many "creations" but those traditional desserts are retained. And the nice ambience makes me go for it again.