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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hip Diner USA @ Cineleisure

Hip Diner USA by Billy Bombers. Actually I didn't feel like dining here, but my brother insist to dine here because he still can't forget the food here.

American-style decoration in the restaurant.

I think the restaurant mainly promote burger besides grills. Like other people, we only ordered plain water. According to my brother, plain water is more suitable since the food served are in big portion and easily get fulled.

The starter:

I forget its name already, but I remember the smell of cheese, really nice.

Main course:

Mix Grill. S$18.90

Got egg, sausage, bacon, chicken, fish and mashed potato. The portion isn't too big but the mashed potato can make people getting fulled.

Hip Diner Burger, recommended by chef. S$23.90

Too big until most of the people unable finish it.

I am not regret to dine here, and the grills, I really like it because can taste different grills in one time. I still wonder how the chef cooked the broccoli and carrot which served with the grill, the vegetables was so soft and juicy, really nice! I also like other food like the fried onion ring and French fries, perfect match with the cheese.

The service here quite okay, the only thing is quite hard to call them, maybe they are too busy.. Anyway, I will rank this restaurant as , it is worth recommended.

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  1. other people not able to finish it but对你来讲真的绰绰有余啦。the portion so big,ngam you ler...