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Sunday, February 22, 2009


It was a rainy evening on 20th Feb. However, I still felt like going out to have a long-period-dinner because it was so boring. Finally I had dicided to have a buffet dinner at Subarashi Nihon Restaurant, which is located at the first floor of the Oriental Crystal Hotel, Kajang.

The front door of the restaurant.

The restaurant is not big, like other japanese restaurant. Anyway, the restaurant has a very comfortable and quiet environment, with traditional japanese music. The waitress are hospitable and kind.

The seats of the restaurant are comfortable, and also the environment.

The seat we chose.

There are only soy sauce and chili powder on the table, so it is inconvenient for me to take the wasabi and ginger from the station.

The tableware, when u sit down, the waitress will give you a wet towel.

The buffet is divided into two packages: RM38++ and RM50++. There are not too much differences between two package. The only difference is the later one includes limited serving of sashimi and oysters. But there are already many kinds of foods, so I chose the previous one.

There are many kinds of food available at the station, but if it is not enough, you can order other food via the menu on the table.

The food arrangement are beautiful (especially the middle one) and easily to be taken.

There are only two types of drinks available, but it is ok for me since the waitress serves with green tea frequently.

There are only pictures of some dishes since sometimes i was too hungry until forgot to take the picture.

Teppanyaki Chicken - served with special soy sauce and chili sauce.

Soft Shell Crab - it is crispy and fresh with drops of lemon juice on it.

Seafood Soup - there is scallop at the bottom, but it is not that good because of the raw-seafood smell.

Assorted dishes - taken from the station, consists of octopus, ikan bilis, mushrooms, Kimuchi, seaweed, mashed carrot (may be).

Sushi - but this is not mine, they send to wrong table already. hehe...

Salmon, Prawn and Soft Shell Crab Sushi - I like it, but there are still many types of sushi I didn't capture.

Tori Teriyaki (chicken) - it is better than the previous one.

Chawan Mushi, Sauced-beef (don't know its name), and Mashed Potato - I didn't touch the beef, so it is wasted.

Forgotten its name already, but this one is my favourite! Juicy and fresh!!!

Teppanyaki Seafood - this one is very bad, the sauce doesn't match the salmon and prawn.

Vege-tempura - as usual but it is freshly come out from the kitchen. Crispy!!!

Finally we had come to the dessert part. There are red bean and mango jelly, ice cream, red bean soup with tang yuan, fruits (basic one) and so on. I noticed that most of the desserts involve red bean.

Red bean dessert with jelly.

Ice cream - a bit shock because in the menu it is much bigger, so we ordered one more.

ABC - you can either make by yourself or ask the waitress.

As the conclusion, I like the restaurant very much especially the serving of the restaurant is very good. But I have got a bit regret that I didn’t taste all of the food there… I think I will go there again for the second time. (4 stars for the restaurant, hehe.)