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Sunday, April 11, 2010

MOF の My Izakaya @ Bugis Junction

This is my second time to dine at this restaurant, MOF の My Izakaya. It is located at the second floor of Bugis Junction. Although the restaurant also provides a variety of attractive desserts and drinks, the main reason for me to come for second time is because of the quality of the food and the environment here.

Maybe because the restaurant owner wants to provide more seats, the seats are arranged quite closely.

This is the best corner to have our dinner.

As mentioned, we came to this restaurant for the food, so we didn't order any special drinks. Green tea only we ordered.

The green tea is served in a pot and it will be put on a mini stove to maintain the temperature. It can be refilled if the tea is finished.

Let's see the food we ordered, some are recommendable, some are not.

Soba Crepe -- soba wrapped in seaweed and egg crepe roll.

I want to praise the chef who makes it. Actually it is very hard to have the Soba stick together if compared to the Sushi rice. But this one, I took it with my chopsticks and non of the Soba dropped.
Unfortunately, I still prefer the original shape of the Soba.

Seafood Toji Tempura Set. The Seafood Toji is worth recommended. The seafood are fresh, cooked in an egg soup. Yummy!

Seafood Toji.

This is the one I ordered for myself. Chef recommendation.

Ebi Fry Curry Rice. I really like fried prawn, it is crispy but not oily. The curry is nice too.

Tan-tan Ramen -- Minced beef and pork ramen in spicy sesame soup.

Unagi Bento. I like the Unagi, it is not too salty and nice to be served with rice.

Yasai Tempura Bento.

Unagi Hot-Stone Rice -- unfotunately, i was unable to take the picture before the waitress mix it with the sauce. T_T Anyway, the rice can be still hot even at the last mouth.

The price of the food here are quite reasonable. I like here because the food here are quite different than other Japanese restaurants. The most important thing is the ingredients of the food is fresh. I also want to suggest this restaurant to dessert-lovers who like Japanese food.

Although the environment here is comfortable, the arrangement of the seats are quite too close and I really don't like there are some steps in the restaurant. My friend almost felt down due to it.

At last, I want to give 3 stars for this restaurant.

MOF の My Izakaya
#02-45 Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021
Nearest MRT: EW12 Bugis MRT
Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily (till 11pm Fri/Sat)
Tel: +65 6338 6466