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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Palace of the Golden Horse - Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant

There is a promotion at Kin No Uma restaurant recently. I was totally attracted by the price of the lunch buffet, the price was cut from RM75++ to RM45++ only!!!

Before reaching the restaurant, I was attracted by the lobby of the hotel. It looks so grand!

Actually the japanese restaurant isn't obvious, we gotta follow the signboard, passing by some shops and cafe, to a T-junction of the corridor.

Right: Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant
Left: Kin Ma Chinese Restaurant

The landmark of the restaurant, just beside the corridor.

Before the restaurant entry was in my sight, I noticed that there were quite many food on both side of the corridor.

This is my first time to see the restaurant put their food outside.

Salad, jellyfish...

The entry, with a logo beside it.

The environment of the restaurant is quite nice, but the only objection is the structure of the restaurant. The restaurant is L-shaped, and there are many large pillar which became my sight barriers.

There is a teppanyaki counter, can you notice?

Many people ate. Luckily i did make a reservation.

The food displayed are nice, the choise of the drinks is limited like orange juice, fruit punch, cappuccino... But the drinks can be found at every corner of the restaurant. The waiter/waitress served us with hot green tea frequently.

There were still more sushi well displayed. But some of the sushi looked strange becouse they were nyonya-jap fusion.

Awesome! Sashimi, my favourite!

It's time to start our battle...

My weapon, hehe... But the cloth is hard, next time gotta put more softener.

Fresh oysters and sashimi sure became my first choice since it has been a long time that I haven't eaten sashimi!

The oysters were so fresh and juicy!!! This is my first time to eat raw oyster but i become addicted to it!

The sashimi was so fresh and still retain its elasticity, no smell at all.

Sushi - the green and red one can always be seen. But they also served nyonya-jap fusion sushi (top with gula Melaka, 椰丝,虾米碎).

Take a close look, they are actually the same thing, only the topping is different.

Chawan mushi - it is the most delicious that i have ever met.

Assorted tempura were taken from outside of the restaurant which was fried on the spot. Beside it is lamb and fried chicken, the lamb is just like chewing gum.

Cheese baked oyster, fried squid, and Unagi. All these got the highest ranking!

Cheese-baked oyster. Actually i prefer this one if compared to fresh oyster.

Unagi - seems like a mess. This is my first eat so many unagi in one time!

It is just a soup, nothing special. But there were still more soup to be chosen.

There were still more and more food which i didn't capture, like teppenyaki dishes, octopus, steamboat... Finally, we came to the desert part. There were many refreshment too, like many kinds of cake, kuih nyonya, and other baked products. For deserts, they were fruits, ice cream, ice kacang and so on.

This ice kacang was made by my own. Nice, rite?

I really regret that I was unable to finis all of the refreshment there, especially my favourite cheese cake! What a waste!

The service of the restaurant is really creditably. The waiter/waitress always take away the used plate, so it is needn't to worry about it. For the food, I found that a tiny part of them weren' that nice but the overall still very good. I rank this restaurant as 4.5 stars. It is worth to give a try, but if there isn't any discount, I won't go due to out of budget. Hehe!

Note: more pictures on facebook!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sungei Wang — Sushi Station

On 6th March, My friend and I actually wanna go to Xenri D’Garden Terrace to have buffet lunch, but a terrible traffic jam made us scared to move further. So we just decided to eat at Sushi Station at Sungei Wang. Anyway, when we reached the restaurant, it had been around 5pm already. “Dinner” is more suitable. (T_T)

The entry is easy recognized.

After choosing a prefered seat, i realise that the atmosphere of the restaurant seems not good, maybe due to the light, the dim light. But what I was focusing was the…

The train is fetching many sushi...

The sushi on the train are just for look, not delicious at all.

After we chose the buffet package (you can choose either buffet o not), the waiter prepared a steamboat for us because BBQ steamboat is included.

Pieced chicken, vegetables, and fishball were served with BBQ steamboat. So many things! How could I order other food?!

Unagi -- the texture is soft but the sauce seems a bit too thick until cover the original taste of unagi.

Oyster teppanyaki -- Since I dare not to try raw oyster, I had ordered this one. I like it, the juicy oyster.
Oyster teppanyaki -- Since I dare not to try raw oyster, I had ordered this one. I like it, the juicy oyster.

The following dishes can be ordered unlimited.

Assorted tempura -- a bit oilly, I don like it.

Mussel -- forget its full name already, so-so only.

Fried tofu -- okie only, not special.

For other dishes, I didn’t take the photo because they are worse than these dishes in the pictures. I also won’t remember the Chicken Teriyaki, it was too salty until i have to dilute it with steamboat soup before eating.

Overall, the buffet is not expensive, it is RM30++ only. But, when I was in the restaurant, I feel like dining in a food stall. And I really can’t accept the food there. The only thing can save the ranking og the restaurant is their service, which is better than many other restaurant.
Anyway, each person has got their own interest, I still can see there were a lot of people in the restaurant. (1.5 stars for the restaurant. Gotta put more effort in food…)