Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yakiyakibo @ Jurong Point

There is a Japanese Street in Jurong Point which consists of several Japanese restaurant, but most of these restaurant are crowded during dining period everyday. =_="'

The restaurant I dined with my friends was Yakiyakibo because this is the only restaurant not too crowded.

The restaurant is quite small.

After taking our seat, we started to ordered. But one thing quite funny is we entered a teppanyaki restaurant but we didn't ordered teppanyaki food, we ordered...

Spicy Ramen in soup... The soup is thick but I unable to describe its taste, it has kinda smell that I nerver met before.

Fried Ramen. My friend who ordered this dish still prefer to have it at Ajisen Ramen.

Okonomiyaki. Oni this one kinda related to teppanyaki...


My friend ordered Okonomiyaki and the taste just like takoyaki we had usually, but the takoyaki we ordered is different from the one we had at other restaurants or stalls, it is quite special..

The restaurant is quite small and I feel like little packed. And there are only a few seats in the restaurant.

The dishes they serve are quite big portion and both of my female friends was getting full before finish the food. Anyway I like the takoyaki because its taste is different from other places.

I would like to rank this restaurant as 3 stars. Next time I wanna try on other restaurant on this Japanese Street.