Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi-Tea Buffet @ Pariss International Buffet, Marina Square

Wow! It has been a long time I do not update my blog. This time I gotta refresh about my lunch at Marina Square.

Pariss International Buffet

After attending the travel exhibition at Suntec City, I had my lunch together with my aunt and her family. When we arrived the restaurant, they served Hi-Tea Buffet. This restaurant is my aunt's favorite because of its food and the classy environment.

I realized that the Hi-Tea buffet served limited kinds of food and I can't even see my favorite sashimi! Anyway, there are still some food worth recommended.

Appetizer - Konbu, seaweed, veniger fungus, mango pickle.

Grind potato, Mexicon Grill Fish, prawn salad, and "Devil Egg".

Sweet Sour Fish, Sanbei Chicken Cube, Thai Beancurd, and Salad with Chinese Twist Cruller.

Assorted fries, the round one (middle) is potato wedge and another (flower) is chives pancake.

Taiwan Sour Spicy soup.

Chinese dumpling.

Soba noodle.

were quite many desserts and cakes.

The chocolate mousse can be eaten together with the small chocolate cup.

Actually I am not that satisfied with the overall choice of food but it was only Hi-Tea Buffet, I cannot put too much expectation on it. My aunt and uncle also said the Hi-Tea Buffet cannot compare to the dinner buffet. So if I have got chance, I will have dinner buffet of this restaurant.
I rank this restaurant as 3.5 stars and according to the opinion from my aunt's family, it is not worth to give a try on the high tea buffet.

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