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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shogun Buffet @ One Utama

This is my first time to dine at Shogun, although most of my friends don't recommend me to eat there. But curiosity overcomes my will. Further more there was promotion too. So I decided to dine there.

The entry.

The restaurant is quite big, and the food stations are near to each other. Convenient for us to take the food.

One part of the restaurant.

sashimi and sushi station. There are many kinds of sushi.

There are quite many sashimi too.

Cooked food and soup station.

Steamboat ingredient station.

Actually I didn't expect Shogun also provide steamboat. But I don't like it since my purpose is just to have Japanese food, steamboat seems too much for me.

The steamboat has already got a lot of food, but there are still more ingredient at the station.

Bamboo scallop, served with steamboat.

Every time I go to have buffet, the first thing I will take is sashimi. But the sashimi of this restaurant is a bit inferior compared to other restaurants that I have ever been. Especially the abalone sashimi, it is very hard.

The sashimi, there are crab stick sashimi too.

Seasoned baby octopus. I dislike that the octopus is cut into tiny pieces.

Seasoned abalone, prawn, kimchi,
scalop with black fungus, seaweed, and jellyfish.

Cooked food. Most of the food are not tasty, very tough and dry. Baked oyster here is the worst that I have ever met.

The tempura is crispy. The braised sea cucumber is acceptable too, not too hard.

Beijing honey roast duck, rolled with cucumber and sauce. I like it, but easy getting full.

I really can't accept these three things! Especially the lowest one, salmon burger, the salmon paste taste awful!

Grilled eel (Unagi). It is in white colour, taste good when served with teriyaki sauce.

Chawan mushi. It seems is added with fragrance. Unable define its taste, but I don't like its taste.

Shark fin soup. Nothing special.

Sushi provided by Shogun are more special and attractive than other buffet restaurant.

I like Shogun serves quite many types of desserts and fruits.

Sweet sago soup with honeydew. The coconut milk seems a bit too thick.

Mixed fruits cocktail.

Sea coconut with white fungus. The sea coconut is too less, and the white fungus is too big!

Sago with gula Melaka, mango pudding, fried banana with cheese, and "tasteless" jelly.

I like their cake. The cakes are cut into right size, so they are not too much for me.

"Nestle" ice cream.

There are many kinds of food to be chosen, but there are also many kinds of food not satisfied. I would rather Xenri D' River View, although they serve less types of food, but the food there are better than anywhere else.
I also dislike staffs of Shogun since they stopped me to take the photo around, but other service still okay.
Anyway, the food of this restaurant were not on par with the price we paid, a bit dissapointed. (2 stars)

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