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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Steamboat Buffet at Hoi Tong, Serdang

"Steamboat buffet" always make me think about "Yuan Steamboat" at Sunway. But this time I have it at Serdang.

Actually the restaurant isn't easy recognized since it is located in the uptown, not beside main road. But there are still many people dine there especially UPM students.

The restaurant's appearance is very very common, but it is quite famous among UKM and UPM.

There is an iron ring on each stove which functions as grill.

For the food, there are quite many types of raw food for steamboat and grill. But I prefer "Yuan Steamboat" at Sunway because there are more choices.

Food for grill purpose, I like the black pepper lamb very much.

I need to comment for this part because the fruits are arranged together with raw food like fishballs, not hygiene.

Vegetable, quite a lot.

Butter, for grill purpose.

I like the grill part very much since unlike other grill restaurant, the grilled meat of this restaurant doesn't stick onto the iron since it has got banana leaf as underlay. But the pot seems a bit small for us, and the lid can't be removed bare handed, it is hot!

For the overall, I like this restaurant, especially their grill part. Honestly, if this restaurant only provides steamboat, I think I will only dine at "Yuan" since there are more choices, and that restaurant is air-conditioned. So I was sweating while dining at Hoi Tong.
The price of the steamboat buffet is also reasonable, it is about RM21.
I rank this restaurant as 3 stars.

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