Wednesday, April 29, 2009

YAKI-YAKI Japanese Barbeque Buffet

After reading so many people's blog about Yaki-yaki, I think I should give a try on it since there is promotion until end of this month.

The location of the restaurant is just beside the Low Yat, very easy to be recognized.

Customers have to pay at counter before enter the restaurant.

After payment, we followed the number on the receipt to find our seat. For those have booked, they can dine at the centre part of the restaurant.

The decoration of the restaurant is nice, the restaurant is well ventilated, so there is no smoky smell in the restaurant.

The first station will be noticed is Japanese cuisine part. The most of the food are put on the ice to keep their freshness, the ice effect is also nice.

Sashimi part.

Some marinated food, got kimchi too.

Side dishes.

Sushi part, but there are only a few choice.

For the inner part of the restaurant, there are still more stations.

Ramen station.

Tempura station.

Drinks station. There is a fridge beside the station (photo of lower right) which has got dessert.

Anyway, it was a bit disappointed since there wasn't any fresh coconut drink. Maybe it is only provided during dinner buffet.

After that, the cooked food station can be seen. Most of the food are cooked in chinese style.

Cooked food station. Although the crab was looked tasty, but nobody took it since it is troublesome to have it.

Soup part. The nearest part is miso soups while the others are different types of tonic soups.

After cooked food station, there is a alcoholic drink station, but the drinks are not included in the buffet.

Bar. A bit weird that the fruits were placed on it.

The main station of the restaurant -- BBQ food station. All of the food to be grilled can be found here. There are many types of BBQ meat in different flavor. For those who don't know to grill, there is an instruction beside the station to be referred.

Left: lamb and beef
Right: sliced chicken

Chicken wings with different flavor.

Upper left: lamb and beef.
Upper right: processed meat, e.g. meat ball, sausage etc.
Lower left: vegetable, the one sealed in aluminium foil is potato.
Lower right: seafood.

Mussel. There is a instruction shows that some chinese rice wine should be added before "grill".

Feel not enough? There is a menu on everyone's seat, and the food can be unlimited ordered.

There are two sauce station on both side of the restaurant. The some of the sauce are special, such as apple BBQ sauce.

Sauce station with 7 kind of sauce.

Now, back to the seat. Actually the stove seems a bit too high, so when we grilled the meat, we had to stand up.

The stove really mess. Sometimes the Sashimi were also grilled!

There were too much food on the table, so some of the picture aren't looked nice, and some of the food were not captured.

The lower right photo (black plate) shows Shishamo fish, rice cake or muachi, and unagi (sliced). The Shishamo fish is small like adult finger.

Scallop and chicken in rice wine. But the wine is too thin, seems like water-cook food.

The unagi really bad because the sauce on it is different with other unagi that I had before.
The scallop is okay, smell nice with butter and garlic after being grilled.

Beside grilled food, we also had other food. But some looked not nice.

Sashimi, including abalone sashimi! The sashimi are looked nicer compared to other restaurant that I have ever been.

The octopus is really bad because it is too tough, hard to chew!

Marinated seaweed also taste bad!

Hotspring egg, as usual.

Up: double-boiled soup, left is chicken, right is fish (maybe).
down: Shark fin soup and mushroom soup.

Sushi, just for picture purpose.

Some of the food below looks not tasty, so I even didn't touch them.

The "baked oyster" is actually fish paste, feel like being cheated!

Chinese style cooked food. Look general, so didn't eat it.

I only tasted the spaghetti (left one), nothing special.

For the dessert, the choice seems too little.

The pudding are the same actually, even the fruit inside.

Although there are quite many kinds of ice cream, but some of them can't even swallow, especially the green and orange colour ice cream!

The service here is quite okay, but it is forgivable since there are many people having buffet. But sometimes the food will only arrive after order twice. The charcoal were replenished about 2 hours, so it is not enough for us to grill. There are quite many things to be improved for this restaurant, especially its food (as mention).
For the overall, the restaurant is just okay for me. I rank this restaurant as 3 stars. But if there isn't any promotion, as my friend said, Jogoya is more worth.

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  1. I was practically shouting with excitement while scrolling through your blog. Such wonderful pictures ~ and also very tempting+mouth-watering!!!
    Wonder how much does it cost?