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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Milwaukee Steak Corner @ Balakong

It has been long time that I didn't have any steak. So I decided to dine at Milwaukee Steak Corner, which is near to Jusco Balakong. The restaurant consists of two levels, the air-conditioned upstairs and open-style downstairs. According to my friend, the menu of these two levels are not same, the upstairs provides more choices. But the food of upstairs seems more expensive.

The restaurant is just beside the main road, very easy recognized.

The upstairs and downstairs have totally different environment.

Today is Mother's Day, every table has got a carnation.

There are quite lots of drinks, but most of the drinks not cheap.

Guava fruit, dragon fruit, and apple juice. The juices are quite diluted, not satisfied.

For the steak, there are many choice but most of the steaks are quite expensive.

Hawaiian (charbroiled) chicken. Special, served with mushroom ang KaiLan. Western and Eastern fusion.

Original steak (chicken). The only defect is the mashed potato, it is a bit rough.

Tomato sauce pasta with beef.

The overall of the restaurant is quite satisfied. The grilled chicken is juicy, not to dry and hard. But I can't taste any special from the steak, there is no surprise.
The staffs there sometimes too concentrate on their own work until we were once neglected. Anyway, the environment of the restaurant is pleasant.
3 stars for this restaurant.

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