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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Handburger, 313 @ Summerset

The Handburger, it is located at 313 summerset. Actually I don't really like to eat burger, but this restaurant has its burger impressed me.

It is always crowded in the restaurant after office hour, so better reach there early...

There is a tray on seats, but the seats kinda close to each other. :(

The menu...

The set meal oways includes a main course (burger), a side dish, and a glass of drink.

Onion Ring. I love to have it dipped with the special sauce. It is different from what we have at other restaurant. Damn crispy!

Another side dish, mixed green salad.

When it was served, I didn't put too much attention on it. But the special mayonnaise (maybe) makes the salad different, there is sesame in the mayonnaise so that it has got nice smell. I like its salad more than the 1 I had at Trattoria(at Summerset too).

Now, the main course.

Tandoon Chicken Burger. This burger is Asian style. I like its bun, it is very soft and fluffy, different from the other bun.

I don't like the chicken (chest). It is tasteless at the inner part.

Now is another burger ordered by my friend.

Chicken Caesar burger. This one better than the previous. There is bacon wrapping the chicken, nice to be eaten with the mushroom paste n caesar sauce.

Actually the restaurant's attraction is their special made sauce applied on the food, so that an ordinary food can become very nice after topping with the sauce. The only thing is the restaurant is a little too packed, not suitable for a casual dining. And because there was too many customer in the restaurant, it took quite a long time for our food to be served. And the last thing is the price, hmm... seems expensive, the food shown just now, together with 2 glasses of drink already costed over S$30.
I would like to put 3 stars for the restaurant.
313 @ Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6509 6214

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