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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ramen Play, 313@Somerset

While I was walking around at 313, there was a restaurant located at level B3 attracted me, Ramen Play, a very interesting name.

The interior design of the restaurant makes people feel comfortable.

Due to my first time visit, all food i ordered are chef-recommended.

The very first of the introduction is the restaurant's signature Ramen, Sanpou Shoyu Ramen. There two choices of soup base (Tonkotsu/Shoyu), but the previous one wasn't available.

Sanpou Shoyu Ramen.

I really really like it! The soup, the pork, especially the noodle! Before writing this article, I tried Ajisen Ramen to make comparison, the result came out with Ramen play as a winner (personal opinion). Because the noodle of Ramen Play is softer without losing its springiness. So does the Cha Shu (braised pork belly) is very juicy!

Unagi Toji Set. Grilled unagi wrapped in soft eggs and served sizzling hot in a pot. Comes with miso soup and rice.

This one is not as nice as the ramen. I don't like to have my Unagi cooked in soy sauce which will only make it even salty and i can't feel there is any springiness retained in the Unagi.

Side Dish...

Mustard Chicken Platter.

Mustard chicken

Vege Prawn Roll

Crispy Dango (Don't be cheated by its appearance, it is not Takoyaki!)
Ideally for 2 persons, it doesn't occupy too much space of your tummy and the vege roll is a nice appetizer as the roll was served with Thai sour sauce. And the Takoyaki look-like Dango is actually chicken meat ball, nice too.

The restaurant service is nice, the stuffs are always alert and friendly. Again I wanna mention, the noodle of the restaurant is really nice, it stimulate my interest on Ramen which is not my favourite. I would like to recommend this restaurant. (4 stars)

Address: 313 @ Somerset, B3-04313 Orchard Road

Tel: 6634 0051

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