Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ji De Chi Dessert Shop @ Liang Seah Street

There are quite many Chinese style dessert shops along Liang Seah Street, which is just behind Bugis Junction. And this is one of those on the street -- Ji De Chi. This dessert shop provides more choices of cold desserts while the others more on hot and traditional desserts.

The shop is very small and there are always crowded at night. So everytime when I visit the cafe I have to wait till the previous diners leave the table.
Shooting on the interior of the small dessert shop...

The cafe was awarded by The Green Book, seems like it is worth to have a try on it.

Start ordering...

Yin Yang Mango Black Glutinous Rice
This is quite special since there are red beans in the mango ice. Anyway, this is not my favourite.

Durian Snowy Ice
That's it! My favourite! I like the durian smell especially the cream on the ice. This kind of dessert can be found at anywhere else but the topping of the ice make it special. Besides the durian cream, there are also pomelo and yogurt balls as the toppings too.

Strawberry and Passionfruit Snowy Ice
I wanna say that actually the ice is not very sweet as you think, even my friend claim it not sweet enough. I like this, having with sweetness of strawberry and fragrance of passionfruit. Sometimes having with mango and other toppings, really enjoy it!

The dessert shop serves snacks too.
Mango in Glutinous Rice
The green tea flavour glutinous rice is wrapping the mango and red bean. Kinda Japanese style but not really because there is shredded coconut on the outer layer of the roll. The most important is the every part of the roll doesn't overcome each other's role. What a impressive match!

Honestly, the environment of the dessert shop is not that pleasant. I had my desserts with sweat terribly. Anyway, if considering the desserts and snacks, I still think that it is worth to go for. I want to rank the food here as 3.5 per 5 stars.

8 Liang Seah Street #01-03 Singapore
PS: The street is just behind Bugis Junction

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