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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

Everytime when I pass by Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant, there always be a long queue during dining period. So this time I decided to dine at this restaurant. Although there wasn't any long queue outside the restaurant, the restaurant was still crowded and we still had to take the number before enter the restaurant.

Before we started our meal, we had a pot of tea, Taiwanese Rose Oolong Chinese Tea.

Fried rice, forget its name already, nice but a bit oily.

My friend ordered fresh tomato fried egg with fish fillet set. This one seems too much for 1 person, except he/she has a big appetite.

The fish fillet and fried egg are soft and the sause is nice too.

We also ordered glutinious rice sausage but I forgot to take the picture, it is a bit pity.

Maybe because the restaurant was too crowded, the serving of the restaurant wasn't satisfied. The seats of the restaurant was also too close to each other, this condition make me feel not easy to have my meal. Anyway, the food of the restaurant is still my favorite.

I would like to rank the restaurant as 3 stars. And it is better to dine at this restaurant during non-peak time.

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