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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

This is my second-time to visit Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens, but this time I go with my younger brother. Luckily we arrived in time and there was nobody waiting outside of the restaurant. When we were waiting for the empty seats, I noticed that it was a long queue behind us.

Last time I had seat far from the belt, so this time I asked the waiter to let me have seat beside the belt.

There are so many chef (>10 person) preparing the food ordered. They are also very proficient in preparing the food, very fast!

Recently I noticed that Sushi Zanmai put a lot of effort in their sushi decoration. The taste of the sushi here also not bad.

The sushi on the belt are divided into 5 group with different price:
Yellow plate: RM 1.80
Blue plate: RM 2.80
Pink plate: RM 3.80
Black plate: RM 4.80
Red plate: RM6.00

Black: I not sure what fish is it, it is fried and a bit spicy.
Blue: Special omelette sushi. I like its baked cheese topping!
Pink: I forget its ingredient, it seems like has tuna with baked cheese on it.
Red: Soft shell crab inari, it is a bit oilly, but still acceptable.

Besides sushi, we also ordered their ala carte.

Tendon (assorted tempura with rice), RM 8.80. Although it is S-size, it is still quite big enough. The tempura were also freshly prepared.

Katsu Zaru Soba (Cold soba noodle with fried chicken), RM8.80. This one really worth! The soba is much more better than Sushi King. But besides crispy, nothing can be described for the fried chicken.

Finally, the "this week promotion" dish.
Sushi Zanmai prepares many kinds of sushi which will be promoted independently every week. This time we able to taste their "Crystal Roll".

Crystal roll (RM12.80) contains tempura in it, topped with sliced cucumber, mushroom, fish roe...

Sushi Zanmai is really on par with Ichiban Boshi, which is another conveyor-belt sushi restaurant at Pavillion. The price of the food here are also reasonable and some of them are more worth than Sushi King. I also wanna praise the staffer of Sushi Zanmai, they all really agile and hardworking until most of them were sweating (Oh My God! I almost have lost my appetite!). But what I wanna complain is that their menu is too big until occupies most of the space. (3.5 stars as ranked)


  1. ♥ Sushi Zanmai..
    ♥ I love the outlet @ The Gardens..
    ♥ The price is reasonable,the serving in big portion, the foods is kudos..
    ♥ I love it~ I would prefer Sushi Zanmai if compared to Sakae sushi....

  2. I prefer serice of sushi Zanmai, they serve ordered food faster compared to Sakae Sushi. But what Sakae Sushi make me impressive is their e-sistem, so advanced!

  3. Which one do you think is more worth, Japanese food buffet or sushi restaurant?