Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room at IMM, Jurong East

This time I wanna try something from Wan Chai due to my friends recommendation, and I will mention it later. But we gotta queue before entering the restaurant since there were too many people in that restaurant.

Everytime when I pass by this restaurant there must be fully seated.

This restaurant has got kinda different system which all the customers need to pay the bill once order.

Before the main course, we had some side dish. The first one is "Crispy Silk Beancurd with Pork Floss". When the beancurd was served we had it immediately and... WAAAHH... It is too hot! The inner part of the beancurd was extremely hot! By I still love its nice smell.

Crispy Silk Beancurd with Pork Floss. $5.50

The second dish is "Prawn Paste Chicken". This is what my fren recommended. The chicken is crispy and it is little salty for me because of the prawn paste.

Prawn Paste Chicken. $5.50

Now is the main course, "Baked Seafood Rice with Wasabi Cheese". Maybe most of the wasabi lovers will like it. The rice is coved with cheese but it has thin wasabi smell, so the wasabi doesn't cover the taste of the seafood and cheese.

Baked Seafood Rice with Wasabi Cheese. $8.50

This is the one i had, which is "Baked Scallop, Salmon, and Asparagus Rice with Cheese". The only difference with others is the cheese used in this baked rice is original flavor.

Baked Scallop, Salmon, and Asparagus Rice with Cheese. $9

Then this is the most popular main course in the restaurant, "Baked Chicken Portugese Curry Rice". The rice is not only covered bt cheese but also curry, but the curry is not too thick, and it is acceptable by people. But one thing is I noticed there was excess water in the rice and thus affect the texture. And the portion seems too big for 1 person.

Baked Chicken Portugese Curry Rice. $8

Finally, we had some dessert. This is the "Silk Beancurd with Aloe Vera". I like it because there is no Aloe Vera smell and it match the silk beancurd.

Silk Beancurd with Aloe Vera. $2.80

Beside the food is served by the waitress, other things like taking spoons and sauces are all self-service. It can't be helped since the restaurant always full with people.

This restaurant also serves toast and other Hong Kong - Local fusion food which is popular. There is an ideal place to have simple and comfortable dinner. I would like to rank this restaurant as 3.5 stars.

IMM Building
2 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609601


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