Monday, January 17, 2011

Tim Hou Wan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Mong Kok

For those who come to Hong Kong, don't miss this restaurant, Tim Hou Wan! This restaurant is owned by a former dim sum chef of Four Season Hotel, and is known as the cheapest Michelin star restaurant of the world!

To avoid the long queue, we arrived the restaurant in the early morning. But once we reached there, we was surprised by the crowd in front of the restaurant. After taking number, we place order by filling a form while waiting outside.

The restaurant is so small that we have to sit side by side with other people.

Anyway, space is not a big deal. The focus is on the dim sum!

Baked Char Siew Bun. The Char Siew bun are always steamed in our country, but at here, their signature bun is baked yet different from taste of bread.

Siew Mai.

Har gao.

Stewed chicken feet.

Glutinous rice in lotus leaf.

Steamed Noodle Rolls with Shrimps. Served with soy sauce.

Fried Shrimp Roll.

Osmanthus Cake. The cake is jelly-like and there are wolfberries in the cake.

Although the restaurant is very ordinary and small, but the food is superb! And due to size of the table and freshly preparation of dim sum, the dishes were served one-by-one. Luckily, we didn't order too many dishes so that we were able to finish all of them. The price is also reasonable and affordable! Really worth to go for it again! Anyway, Hong Kong Dim Sum can easily make people full. LOL...

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