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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sungei Wang — Sushi Station

On 6th March, My friend and I actually wanna go to Xenri D’Garden Terrace to have buffet lunch, but a terrible traffic jam made us scared to move further. So we just decided to eat at Sushi Station at Sungei Wang. Anyway, when we reached the restaurant, it had been around 5pm already. “Dinner” is more suitable. (T_T)

The entry is easy recognized.

After choosing a prefered seat, i realise that the atmosphere of the restaurant seems not good, maybe due to the light, the dim light. But what I was focusing was the…

The train is fetching many sushi...

The sushi on the train are just for look, not delicious at all.

After we chose the buffet package (you can choose either buffet o not), the waiter prepared a steamboat for us because BBQ steamboat is included.

Pieced chicken, vegetables, and fishball were served with BBQ steamboat. So many things! How could I order other food?!

Unagi -- the texture is soft but the sauce seems a bit too thick until cover the original taste of unagi.

Oyster teppanyaki -- Since I dare not to try raw oyster, I had ordered this one. I like it, the juicy oyster.
Oyster teppanyaki -- Since I dare not to try raw oyster, I had ordered this one. I like it, the juicy oyster.

The following dishes can be ordered unlimited.

Assorted tempura -- a bit oilly, I don like it.

Mussel -- forget its full name already, so-so only.

Fried tofu -- okie only, not special.

For other dishes, I didn’t take the photo because they are worse than these dishes in the pictures. I also won’t remember the Chicken Teriyaki, it was too salty until i have to dilute it with steamboat soup before eating.

Overall, the buffet is not expensive, it is RM30++ only. But, when I was in the restaurant, I feel like dining in a food stall. And I really can’t accept the food there. The only thing can save the ranking og the restaurant is their service, which is better than many other restaurant.
Anyway, each person has got their own interest, I still can see there were a lot of people in the restaurant. (1.5 stars for the restaurant. Gotta put more effort in food…)


  1. dont go tis restaurant anymore...
    its sushi not delicious at all!vry bad!
    salmon not fresh...etc..uncountable bad comments on its foods...
    nthg special for the praise for tis restaurant...except its chili sauces...haha!

    -NM chailing-

  2. I tried it last weekend, the foods were really delicious and with good service and reasonable price compared to others.